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Blumenbecker (Shanghai) Engineering Co., Ltd.

Blumenbecker (Shanghai) Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in automation control system design, software programming, electric cabinet assembling, on-site installation, commissioning, industrial robot programming and debugging. At present, we mainly involve in automobile and metallurgical industry in China. We have gained good experience and successful performance in various production line of automatic control system in the automobile industry. We provide auto automobile engine assembly line, welding process, coating process, assembly process, conveyor system and other tooling equipments, electrical automatic control system as well as robot field debugging and robot automatic detection equipments. In terms of automobile spare parts manufacturing, we provide robot welding center and automatic assembly line equipments. We also have good command of automatic control system in metallurgical equipments and have already provided several sets of automation equipment installation and debugging for Chinese steel factories.


General Manager:
Qiaoling Di-Heil

Ms Qiaoling Di-Heil
T: +86 21 6434 5701

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