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Switchgear production for several branches by Blumenbecker

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Blumenbecker is a one-stop shop for all automation services: from consulting, development, design and software development to switchgear production, electrical installation and commissioning.

We work hand in hand with you to develop the solutions that match your needs. We can produce and assemble a wide variety of switchgear – from individual switching cabinets to highly complex technical installations in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.
Our portfolio also covers the entire range of automation and control services: from planning the customer-specific hardware and producing the documentation in CAD systems to coding the software and commissioning systems all over the world.

You will have one authorised contact from your initial consultation to your after-sales service. Not only does this make your relationship with us easier, it makes responsibilities clearer and ensures that everything will go smoothly.

One of our strengths is the development of end-to-end solutions. We start with our customers' requirements and then optimise the entire value chain. We dovetail our internal processes with our customers' processes to deliver better quality, lower prices and faster delivery times. Our approach works, and it shows in the awards we have received and in our longstanding relationships with major corporations.

Moreover, thanks to our industry-spanning expertise in plant and mechanical engineering, e.g. in metal forming, as well as in the plastics, packaging and logistics sectors, we are able to transfer valuable knowledge to each and every of our projects.

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