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B_CON switchgear configurator

Switchgear configurator B_CON - automation technology

Welcome to our B_CON switchgear configurator.

This innovative online configurator for switchgear systems has been completely developed from the ground up by Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik.

It allows you to select various design options based on your own individual specifications. Using this preselection the CAD tool EPLAN P8 then automatically produces the circuit diagrams, while the system also generates the page overview, parts list and terminal diagram.

The final result is a PDF document containing all the details needed. You can use this to request a quotation from Automatisierungstechnik. The generated P8 project can subsequently be opened in EPLAN for further editing.

Try out our new configurator now and see the benefits that faster turn-around times and improved engineering can bring. Registration is quick and straightforward and you will soon be getting down to business. The system is still at the demonstration stage and is only intended to show the operating principles of the configurator. Customer-specific solutions will of course have to be worked out between developers and users.


If you have any question regarding our B_CON switchgear configurator please get in touch with us. We will also be pleased to prepare a quotation that meets your specific requirements.

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Head of Control Technology
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