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System integrator for complex engineering tasks and production processes by Blumenbecker

Industrial IT: logistics and material-flow management in production processes

We provide professional support for designing and selecting drive systems and sensor technology, programming sequencing controls, setting-up and operating visualisation processes, installing and optimising logistics monitoring equipment, designing warehouse management routines and creating links to existing ERP systems.

We can supply individually designed and developed software to meet your specific needs and can install ready-made computer systems matched to your particular requirements. We develop complex systems for data acquisition and storage and for the management of production processes.

By deploying mobile production control systems developed in-house, we are able to display all production relevant systems on a standardised visual interface using a PDA or smartphone. Alerts, faults and other events are transmitted by WLAN to the mobile devices. By incorporating RFID technology it also becomes possible to trace the position of a product at any time. 

Informatics solutions for every kind of business

We can provide informatics solutions for a whole range of industrial sectors, supported by a variety of program languages (C++, Delphi, .NET, ASP, Java) and relational databases (SQL).

Mr Xigang Li
Technical Director
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