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We deliver solutions.

Welding technology from your expert partner - plasma cutting, autogenous technology or suction technology

Parts and tools service

We supply spare parts for current as well as older machinery and plant accessories all over the world. Our tool service provides you with everything you require. From precision hand tools to switch cabinets, from office equipment to cranes - we are your one-stop partner for all your needs.

Spare parts storage

Setting up an effective tool and spare parts storage system requires experience. With more than 150 such projects implemented worldwide (as of 6/2009), you can count on Westekemper to meet your needs.

We design and install the parts stores, from the steel construction up to the last plastic box, from the solution of waste and packing material up to the transportation. We deliver heavy duty shelves as well as rack shelf systems. And we also assist you in organizing your tool controlling and ordering.


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